Wedding Photography Service

Actual Day. Pre-Wedding. ROM.

At Pixel Workz, we take great delight in capturing life's best moments - your wedding! 

Our wedding photography adopts the style of photojournalism. We are non-intrusive when shooting, preferring instead to capture the moments and emotions in an intimate, natural way as they unfold throughout the day.

We don’t shun group photos and portraiture either (in fact, we love them!), They are a celebration of the important relationships in your life.

Find out more about our works at the galleries below!


Wedding Actual Day Photography

Wilson & Hilda


Pre-Wedding Photography

Warren & Andrea


Holy Matrimony Photography

Oliver & Stephanie


Solemnization Photography

Andrew & Caroline


ROM Photography

James & Daniella


Our photography service rate starts $148. If you like our works, contact us using the following form and we will get in touch with you shortly!

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