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Product Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words with the rise of e-commerce and online marketing, that’s why product photography is increasingly becoming important to business.

In the world of online shopping, product photography serves to re-create the brick-and-mortar experience of touch and feel as close as possible, showing customers all the important details of the product.

Pixel Workz provides value-for-money product photography service at affordable rates. Shots are done with mobile studio setup at a location of your convenience.

We offer a Starter Package catering to start ups and small businesses with budget contraint to kick start your first online venture.

E-Commerce Package is also available for images with pure white background suitable for online platform such as Amazon, Lazada and Shopify.

Style & Lifestyle Package is suitable for clients looking at creating images featuring in-context used of the products under a setup and curated background, to give viewers an idea of a lifestyle or aestheric the product brings.

Last but not least, Stop Motion is best for conveying what your product can do in a very short time - a good way to catch attention of viewers!


Styled & Lifestyle Shot

Stop Motion

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How much does your photography service cost?

E-Commerce Package starts at $15/image. Hourly rates apply for styled shots. Drop us a message for more details!

Can you come down to shoot at our premise?

Certainly! All photoshoots are done on-site

We do not have good lightings at our location, will that be an issue for you?

Not at all. All shots are done with mobile studio lights set up to achieve the perfect lighting that gives your product a preofessional and premium look.

Great, how do we go about booking you?

Drop us a message or call and we will get in touch to work out the arrangements!

Interested? Get in touch today for more information on pricing and date availability!

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