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Food Photography Service

In the current time and age especially with the rise of social media and online food ordering service, food stall and restaurant owners today have more to consider when comes to branding and marketing.

So having good images showcasing your food products will be vital for branding and marketing.

Pixel Workz Photography offers professional and high quality food photography service at affordable pricing. All shots are done on-site with studio lighting setup to create appealing mouth-watering images.

Our areas of specialty includes Chinese, Japanese, Korean, western, local food, all type of South East Asia cuisines, snacks, drinks, pastries and desserts etc.

Asian Cuisine

Western Cuisine

Desserts & Drinks

Menu & Signange

Advertisement & Marketting Campaign


How much does your photography service cost?

Our affordable package starts at $388. Drop us a message for more details!

How many shots can you achieve in a session?

It largely depends on the style and complexity of the images. Assuming no significant delay in food preparations, generally 6 to 8 dishes of simple white background setup can be achieved for every hour, and 3 to 4 dishes with props and table setup.

Can you come down to shoot at our premise?

Certainly! All photoshoots are done on-site where all ingredients, props, utensils and cooking facilities are readily available.

We do not have good lightings at our location, will that be an issue for you?

Not at all. All shots are done with mobile studio lights set up to achieve the perfect lighting that gives your food the perfect look.

Do you style the food?

We work closely with our clients or the chef in this. Client or chef first cook and set up a base look of the food in a way it is intended to be served. We take it from there and fine tune the arrangment to make it look appealing on camera.

Do you provide props?

Yes generic props such as background texture & napkins are provided.

What do we need to supply on our end?

Utensils, raw ingredients (may be used as props) and a table with some space around for lighting setup.

Great, how do we go about booking you?

Drop us a message or call and we will get in touch to work out the arrangements!

Got more question? Get in touch today and we will get back to you shortly!

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