Food Photography Service

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Pixel Workz offers professional and high quality food photography service at affordable pricing.

All shots are done on-site with studio lighting setup to create appealing mouth-watering images. Our areas of specialty includes western, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, local food, all type of South East Asia cuisines, snacks, drinks, pastries and desserts etc.

In our current time and age especially with the rise of social media and online food ordering service, food stall and restaurant owners today have more to consider when comes to branding and marketing. So having good images showcasing your food products will be vital for branding and marketing.

Our food photography service package includes:

  • On-location photography service

  • Studio lighting setup

  • Basic styling and plating included

  • Usage of generic props FOC

  • Instant image preview and selection

For more information on quote, kindly contact us using the following to let us know your requirements.

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